Jersey Ormer shell

(Mother of Pearl from Jersey's Ormer Shell)

The Jersey Ormer shell is a true piece of Jersey’s heritage and contains naturally beautiful rainbow coloured mother of pearl. We have captured nature’s beauty and set it in sterling silver, bring you some amazing locally designed jewellery, inspired by the waves crashing against our sandy shores and the laidback lifestyle we lead.


A genuine piece of Jersey that can be cherished forever

ORN01 £45

ORN02 £49

OGN01 £148 - Chain Sold Separately

OGN02 £228 - Chain Sold Separately

ORN03 £57

ORN08 £45

ORN04 £86

ORN05 £89

ORN06 £57

ORN09 £137

ORN10 £158

ORN11 £96

ORN12 £89

ORN13 £86