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Jewellery Care & Warranty


Exchanges & Refunds

 Purchases through our website are eligible for refund, exchange or credit note. We’ll gladly accept the return of items within 21 days of delivery. The goods must be in perfect condition, unworn, not scratched and in their original packaging. We will not accept goods that are in any condition that would prevent them from being sold as new. Returned items must be accompanied by a copy of the original or gift receipt. Customers will assume responsibility for return shipping charges. Aqua will not assume responsibility for reimbursement or compensation of return packages lost in transit. If all conditions are met, the original form of payment will be credited; 

This is separate from our in-store return policy, where returns are only eligible for exchange or credit note within 28 days unless there is an obvious manufacturing fault. 


Our sterling silver and gold jewellery have a warranty of 6 months subject to valid proof of purchase. This warranty covers any manufacturing fault and does not cover the product if there are signs of misuse or damage through human error. If there is an obvious manufacturing fault with any of our Jewellery within the 6 months a full refund, repair or replacement will be offered. 




You should avoid getting your leather jewellery wet. Remove your leather when showering, washing hands, and swimming and avoid getting it wet in heavy rain as this can rot and even make the leather crack. Store your leather in a cool dry place when not wearing it. Do not place it in a sealed bag as it may cause mildew to grow.



Sterling silver jewellery is a timeless investment. However, to keep your jewellery looking shiny and new in years to come, special care is required. ​

·Avoid direct contact with water and chemical products e.g., creams and perfume. Skin and hair products such as body lotions, perfumes and creams can react adversely with jewellery causing precious metals to tarnish and/or erode.

·It is advisable to apply any cosmetic products in advance of putting on jewellery.

·Jewellery should not be worn in the shower or bath, or when bathing in a hot tub, pool or the sea. Chemicals such as chlorine can damage, discolour, or erode precious metals and gemstones. ​

· As 925 sterling silver is a relatively soft metal, it can be easily exposed to collisions with other surfaces which creates dents and small wounds. Scratches and small bulks are not considered a defect, but just a sign of normal wear and tear. However, to minimise the chance of damage from knocks, scratches or sharp blows, it is advisable to remove all jewellery when partaking in any physical or labour-intensive activities. For this same reason, it is also advisable not to wear jewellery when asleep at night. 



Sterling silver can tarnish over time when exposed to the open air. Tarnishing is a natural process that can be cleaned. 

·Clean your jewellery regularly, but do not use abrasive cleaners such as toothpaste or baking soda. See a jewellery store to purchase your jewellery cleaning products instead.

· Why? When dirt, lotions, hair spray, and yes, even dry skin build up in and on your jewellery, it becomes abrasive and can put pressure on your stone settings, causing additional unnecessary wear. Keep in mind that not all jewellery is alike, and different precious metals and gemstones require different care.


·Store all jewellery in a clean, dry place away from direct sun exposure and other atmospheric elements. Do not store jewellery next to radiators, windowsills or in rooms with excess condensation, such as bathrooms or wet rooms. Damp and hot conditions can cause precious metals to discolour, tarnish and erode as well as damage gemstones. Silver is susceptible to tarnishing. 

·Keep all jewellery in separate cotton pouches to prevent pieces from rubbing and scratching against one another. Storing silver jewellery in individual, air-tight plastic bags can help reduce or prevent the effects of this



Ask us for more information. We are always very happy to give free after-sales advice.

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